We believe in building strong working partnership between the staff and the management.
Best service and company's growth being the motto, the group invites application from like-minded professionals.

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Our Work Culture

At Schmitten we define corporate culture as an integral of values, beliefs, behaviors, practices, and norms of an organization. We cherish our culture and make every effort to nurture it into the special world of Schmitten.

Our team comprises of individuals who are self-motivated & determined to achieve growth for the company. Through genuine learning they grow themselves, not only in their area of expertise but in all aspects of life. We believe in “ability over experience” and follow an equal employment policy.

Working at Schmitten is a balance of lots of fun & lots of work and we take a lot of care to maintain it that way. We encourage & aid each of our employees to grow as a team member, a leader & most importantly as a fellow human, keeping in mind the aspirations of individuals.

Our work culture is all about transparency. We welcome ideas and suggestions from our employees and all our stakeholders, across the board as we firmly believe that all suggestions and ideas are unique and powerful.

We do all that is desired to ensure complete communication to each of our team members through regular knowledge transfer sessions and get-togethers. We believe this helps us understand each other better while also developing & creating a healthy, constructive work environment.

We are a closely knit group of employees who care for each other. This reflects in our work culture where we treat every employee as a part of the larger Schmitten family. We love & respect different cultures and give equal importance to every festival in the country, rejoicing & celebrating together. We believe that we belong here.

Training & Development

We are firmly of the opinion that training is instrumental in creating smarter individuals leading to a stronger Schmitten team. We also believe that learning is an eternal process and individuals grow and evolve through training. We take T&D seriously and follow training calendars in line with the organization’s needs to help produce effective results in this dynamic and competitive corporate world. We endeavor to ensure that every employee is a keen team member of the Schmitten family contributing to get the best possible for Brand Schmitten. We strive towards making Schmitten Luxury Chocolates the preferred choice amongst international chocolate brands. If you want to be a part of this, feel free to contact us.